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Sunday, 3 March 2013

AA Gradings

Now Valentine's Day is over it's time to show our love and gratitude to our Mums who are always there to give us love and support whatever our age. Once a Mum always a Mum as I have discovered and then you become a Grandmother! Why not give your Mum a treat and let us spoil her. Bring her away for a break at the Cloud Hotel where she can unwind and relax and be pampered by my attentive staff. The weather is getting better, the golden daffodils are in flower bringing colour to the gardens and  the evenings are drawing out. I think Spring is on the way at last!

I was recently asked to write an article on the hotel AA gradings as they are just not understood by the general public and as a 2 RED Star hotel I get disappointed at the way the public perceive the Cloud Hotel so I am putting a copy of my article here for all to read. I hope it will make it clear to you that a 2 star hotel can also give 5 star service with good food and comfortable clean rooms.

The number of stars a hotel has is what most people look for when trying to book a hotel and in Britain hotels are rated from one to five stars depending on the facilities a hotel can offer. Five stars being a luxury hotel. These grading schemes are operated by the AA [Automobile Association] and the National Tourist Boards. Hotels are independently assessed by a hotel inspector who will stay at the establishment unrecognised until he/she checks out the following morning and introduces himself/herself. He/she will then have a meeting with the owner or manager of the establishment and give his/her report on their stay and if necessary recommend some improvements. They have the power to award more stars or to reduce your star rating if they think it is necessary. These inspections are done annually.

Many people find these grading systems confusing and cannot understand how some smaller hotels with excellent service and food only have 2 stars when a large 5 star hotel does not always give the service expected of them. Sometimes it's just the lack of an item or facility such as a lift that can make all the difference between a hotel being awarded a 2 star rating instead of a 3 star rating.

Under the new common standards accommodation is assessed under 3 categories, hotel, guest accommodation and budget hotels which confuse the public even more. For instance a bed and breakfast establishment can be awarded 5 stars but the service and facilities a bed and breakfast establishment provides are assessed on are totally different to a 5 star hotel and this is not always made clear to the customer.

Red Star [as opposed to black star] hotels represent the most outstanding examples in each star category. These hotels [and I quote] 'stand out as the very best in the UK and the Republic of Ireland regardless of style' and are the Inspectors choice. For example the Chewton Glen Hotel has 5 red stars and the Cloud Hotel was awarded 2 Red Stars in 2011.

However there are a wide variety of rating schemes used by different organisations around the world and I have only touched on the rating schemes used in Britain. If you would like more information on the scheme and the requirements needed for each category log into AA hotel grading and all the information is there.

So many of my customers come back time and time again once they have experienced the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the Cloud Hotel, we are not able to accommodate children under 12 years . I hope I will have the pleasure of welcoming you to the Cloud Hotel.