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Sunday, 24 October 2010


I don't think many people are aware that anyone can put a comment on Tripadvisor and unfortunately it can be very damaging to a business. Friends, relatives and PR companies are sometimes asked to put  a glowing report for a certain hotel on Tripadvisor likewise a competitor can put a very damaging report about a hotel on Triadvisor to try to ruin a business. I always accept constructive critisism and act on it immediately but I find it hard to accept a damaging critisism put on Tripadvisor that I don't feel warrants such a tirade of abuse. It can not only be damaging to the hotel in question but it is also very hurtful to my  staff most of whom have been at The Cloud Hotel for many years and are committed to creating an hotel of excellence. Referring to the comments put on Tripadvisor recently I cannot recall anyone sending their meal back because it was inedible or even leaving their food. If it was inedible why weren't we told? I always speak to all my customers whatever their age if they are approachable but sometimes a person's body language tells me they want to be left alone and I respect that. It is the last week of October and The Cloud Hotel is 99% full and most of the customers have been before, some of them many times so we must be doing something right. I accept that we cannot please everyone but if a customer is so dissatisfied with our service it would be nice to be told at the time so we can put it right.

The AA inspector stayed at The Cloud Hotel in April this year. We were not  aware of his presence until he introduced himself on his departure the following morning. I would like to quote some of his report.

'The Cloud Hotel continues to impress. Notably well run, Mrs Owton stands out as a leader. This inspection achieved commendable results, justly deserving a continued recommendation at Two Star classifiaction, and with an increased and impressive AA Merit score of 84%.'

Two Star represents the facilities at the hotel and the 84% Merit score represents the quality of the hotel. ie the cleanliness, the service and quality of food and the hospitality.

The report continued.

'Hospitality and service were key strengths, host led, many of the team also deserve praise for their smiling friendly approach to all guests, little wonder at the success of this business. Service too was well managed, all aspects most professional and attentive, booking and arrival particularly stood out. Physically the hotel is in great shape, bedrooms are very comfortable, especially beds which are well dressed with great linen and high specification mattresses. The kitchen team also deserve praise,enjoyable dining, fresh, hot and appetising dishes. Housekeeping too deserve a mention, delightfully clean throughout. Continued success seems assured at The Cloud'

The AA are producing another Guide 'Best Hotels in Britain' and The Cloud Hotel has been invited to be included in this Guide.

I hope I shall have the pleasure of welcoming you to The Cloud Hotel, a place to unwind and relax.